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Pure-Sleep is part of the Natritex Group that has been manufacturing flexible polyurethane foam & a vast range of mattress types for over 30 years. It started in a small farm shed in Tasmania in 1988, with the development of a process to manufacture a complete range of flexible polyurethane foams without use of fluorocarbons.

The group has distinguished itself as a leader and environmental innovator in all that it does.

The first company in Australia to make a complete range of PU foams, without the use of fluorocarbon.

The first company in Australia to develop its own vacuum process eliminating the use of solvents & auxiliary blowing agents in the manufacture of PU foam.

The first bedding manufacturer to offer a whole of life commitment to their products.

The result of this 30 years of manufacturing experience is exceptional bedding products enjoyed by customers across Australia, and the pure sleep products we know today.

Along the way, we gained an appreciation for several key values that have allowed us the success we enjoy today. They’ve become a core part of our company philosophy and we strive to embody them in every facet of our business.

They are a commitment to providing the best possible product, the best possible value and the least possible impact on the environment from our activities.

About Us

Best Possible Value

About Us

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About Us

Least Possible Impact On Environment

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