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Our Bedding
Deeper more restful sleep is the name of the game and Pure-Sleep always comes out on top. We make sure that our bedding blends the essential elements of comfort and support.
Our customisation options
Need something specific? Our bedding is incredibly customisable, letting us create for you exactly what you need for a great night’s sleep. We will also make any mattress, any size. For example, do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning? it could be as simple as the height of your mattress. If your mattress is too low it really is hard to get up and go.

For couples with differing needs, rejoice! The days of compromising when buying a mattress are over. We can make one side firm and one side soft, just make sure you don’t wake up on the wrong side of the bed.

We’re also experts in creating bedding for children our cot and bassinet mattresses are manufactured to Australia standard AS/NZ 8811. Sleep is important for kids of all ages, we do our best to make sure its safe.

Over a period of many years, good quality research has pointed to an association between infant mortality (SIDS) and overly-soft sleep surfaces. Such overly-soft surfaces can obstruct an infant’s breathing. Infants positioned face up to sleep, as they should be, may nevertheless roll face down and be unable to free themselves from obstructions.

Expert advice to caregivers, nationally and internationally, specifies a ‘firm’ sleep surface, without quantifying the minimum acceptable firmness or a method for determining it. This standard AS/NZ 8811 presents a test method for evaluation the firmness of infant furniture items where an infant might be reasonably expected to fall asleep.

Have a question? We’d love to talk!
Come on down to our Brisbane factory showroom (we are only 20 minutes from the airport) or give us a call today. We’ll work through all the details and help you decide on a bedding solution that’s right for you.

Sick of waiting for sales staff to talk to you? Why not make an appointment. We guarantee you will not be waiting. Just ring 07 3205 6088 to discuss a convenient time.

Pure-Sleep is the key to the best night’s sleep you’ve had it years, come and try it for yourself today.