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Feeling drained? Your bedding could be to blame
Uncomfortable bed: One of the leading causes of improper resting habits

You may not remember it, but unfit bedding can cause you to wake up dozens of times throughout the night. This disrupts your body clock and prevents you from engaging in deep restful REM sleep.

We’ve got the solution!

Deeper more restful sleep is the name of the game and Pure-Sleep always comes out on top. We make sure that our bedding blends the essential elements of comfort and support.

How is the Pure Sleep Mattress built?

The Right Mattress For You

Make sure your next mattress is your mattress, not one made for the masses.

At Pure Sleep, we will manufacture your next mattress to the specifications you need for a good nights sleep.

Made with Enviro-Foam

Your comfort & our environment is important to us, that’s why all our mattresses include Enviro-Foam exclusively.

The half-half mattress

You Don’t Have To Compromise On Your Sleep Anymore

Now you get to choose your preferred firmness without upsetting your significant other, and they can do the same.

Half Medium, Half Firm

This mattress is perfect for couples who have different firmness preferences. Do not hesitate anymore, contact Pure Sleep to get yours today!

Which firmness is right for me?
The suggestions below can help with your initial Pure Sleep mattress choice.
Suitable for side sleepers
Sinks in slightly while still being supportive
Approximate 6/10 firmness rating
Wake up feeling cosy and well rested
Suitable for back sleepers
Approximate 8/10 firmness rating
Still feels cloud like while maintaining
a strong level of support
Half Medium, Half Firm
Half medium
Half firm
Ideal for couples who have different
firmness preferences
The best night’s sleep you’ve ever had

Sleep Is Important, So Important That We’ve Made It Our Business.

At Pure-Sleep, we’re on a mission, and it’s taking the bedding industry by storm. We’ve been manufacturing bedding for over two decades with one clear goal in mind, creating mattresses completely tailored to the needs of our customers.

We’re Here To Help!

If your current bedding isn’t up to the task of providing you with the sleep you deserve, then we’re here to help. Our brief is simple. High-quality, affordable bedding that is tailored to the individual customer.

No more. No less. Just a great night’s sleep.

Proudly Manufactured in Australia
The Pure Sleep Bedding Range of mattresses are produced in Australia by an Australian owned and operated company.

Your comfort & our environment is important to us, that’s why all our mattresses include Enviro-Foam exclusively.

Recycle Policy
How does it work?
Enjoy Your Pure Sleep Mattress
Pure Sleep has an exclusive product life policy. We accept the responsibility of ensure the environmentally sensitive disposal of the product.
Return The Mattress To Us
When you have finished using any of our products, all you have to do is return the item to us.
We Take Care Of The Rest
Steel springs are melted down to have another life. Foam is recycled into carpet underlay, this reduces by 90% the volume of product going to landfill.
So, rest easy, because your new Pure-Sleep mattress was made to ensure a better future and a healthier planet.
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